January — a blank slate

January — a blank slate


Ahh January…the very first days of a brand new year. It feels like a blank slate — a whole year ahead of us full of anticipation and possibilities. There’s a buzz in the air to make resolutions and get motivated. But sometimes to move forward, it is necessary to spend some time reflecting and pouring our energy into self care.

Often times, the coldest temps of the year strike in January anyway…taking this as a sign from the universe to slow down, get cozy inside, and put the focus within! Even just ten minutes to yourself can work wonders and cause a healthy ripple of personal and professional growth through out the year.

For me, that means decluttering my space, journaling, and lighting a favorite candle to help me reset. A good face mask or booking a massage doesn’t hurt either! I linked a few feel good items to this page if you’re interested.

We’re ready to shake off the winter and continue this year on a positive and uplifting note!





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