BTS: JH Spring 2023 Collection

BTS: JH Spring 2023 Collection

Spring has sprung!


After months of discussions and planning, we officially launched our spring collection on March 17 (St. Patty’s Day!). We wanted to take you behind the scenes to touch on our thought process when building a collection…


Our current new arrivals focus on the beauty of every day living and effortless entertaining. Just as the season of spring is all about new growth and rejuvenation, that fully translates to the feeling within our selves at the moment and what we brought to this new collection.


To be fully transparent, owning our own store is something that we completely pour our heart into, which is so empowering, but along with it comes its challenges. We have learned SO much in our infancy as a brand — and are very aware that the challenges never cease — but we are working together every day to continue to grow and accurately express our vision the best that we can.


With each challenge, or what may be considered as “failures”, we have walked away with new insight and knowledge that we didn’t have before. When we approached our market trip this year, we were intentional and talked through everything to fall within our budget while also bringing you truly quality products that we can stand behind. We discovered new brands, made new connections, and enjoyed a glass of wine at the end of each night to regroup - ha! We also brought our mom with us this time — our little secret weapon! She is naturally so fun to be around and was so helpful as a sidekick to talk with the vendors/designers while the two of us deliberated and made decisions. We appreciate her talents of course, but having our mom at our side was also a nice reminder to stick to our roots and be authentic in this process.


Here are some snaps from our trip:


When we got home, it looked a bit like this:


And finally, we were ready for our photo shoot with Mandy! Mandy McGregor has been photographing our products since day one and we LOVE her talented eye. We walk away from each shoot with such good vibes and fresh inspiration.

Within this collection you probably have noticed some common threads to our aesthetic. Woven textures, wavy edges, detailed glass, and oversized vessels seem to be in our decorating DNA. We are constantly gaining inspiration from daily life + interior designers, photographers, artists, writers, etc on instagram and other medias. Our current collection is a reflection of that and we hope you enjoy as much as we do. 
Thank you for sticking with us in this ride while we learn and grow. Your feedback and support means the world to us. Truly. Cheers to spring and the sunshine coming our way!
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