Interior Talk: trends we saw at ATL market

Interior Talk: trends we saw at ATL market

Going to market is such an interesting experience… it is SO overwhelming and SO inspiring all in the same breath. Thousandssss of creators everywhere and you don’t want to miss anything! Humans are so talented and I love when someone hones in on their craft to create something that brings us joy in our homes…how cool is that?? But I have to say, by the end of each market day we can’t wait to sip a glass of wine and put our feet up. It doesn’t take us long to fall asleep haha! 

This was our fourth time being at market (still newbies!), and our first time returning to a location. This time felt different…we walked away truly inspired and the feeling that we’re starting to get the hang of it. 

We also brought our mom this time — best sidekick ever! Not only is she super bubbly and fun to be around, but she has worked in retail since her teenage years, so she gives us such valuable feedback. 

Here are some things that stood out to us:
- splatterware
- vintage finds
- new color trends: purple, yellow
- taper candlestick hurricanes

Can’t wait to see how all these things play out in 2023 and what we will notice popping up in the interior design trends.


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